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MMA Circuts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Sudbury, Suffolk - Zest Gym

This class takes place upstairs in our boxing ring. You will be doing kettle bells, dumb bells, barbells, body weight exercises as well as our punch bags and long bags to kick and knee. We do mixed martial arts moves from various sports including Thai Boxing, Karate, Boxing and Ju Jitsu. This class is hard hitting and tones the whole body while still having fun.

Imagine the bags are that certain person you would love to punch and then kick and smash the bags and release your inner beast! This class is for all fitness levels but the harder you make it ….. the more you will love it!


  • Circuit Training
  • Mixed Martial Arts Based
  • Cardio / Plyometric & Strength


Pricing Plan

  • Single session: £8.00
  • 10 classes card: £70.00
  • Members: Free