Zest Gym, Sudbury, Suffolk Promotions & events at Zest Gym:


Free Pass Offer:

Click here to download a voucher for three free passes. This entitles the bearer to three free passes to the gym including all classes.

Oaps offer:

Now no offence to the older generation, but if you do fit into this category we have something special just for you. We are offering memberships for over 65’s at £20 a month. Using the gym at one of the most serene times, between 10-16:00. Come in to sign up for this special offer.

Bonfire Night:

Come join us for an evening of fireworks, barbecue and drinks. The boys supply the meat, no funny jokes, and the girls bring salad and rolls. Always a good display. 10th of November 2019 at 7pm.


A trip down to Billericay to annihalate each other with paintballs, what could be more fun? 6th June 2019.