About Zest Gym


Zest Gym, Sudbury, Suffolk




That means fitness goals achieved on your timetable!! How exciting, please feel free to send us your info for a free pass.

It’s all in our name. Zest! Tangy, exciting to all senses and just all round fun. We run fun and energetic classes which could motivate even the most lack lustre individual. Friendly team members and personal trainers make this a great place to train with one to one support whenever you need it. Our Instructors and staff are very clued up on diets and are always happy to give advice to help maintain or achieve your desired goal. Stuck on which exercises to do for specific muscles, just ask us, we will have you beach ready before that sunny holiday, only ingredient needed is determination.

We also have started our own little zest community. Now you can get more out of your visit than just a workout with a hairdressers, beautician, physiotherapist and chiropractor all on site you wont need to travel too far for these wonderful services. We are not just a gym but a place to make new friends and become part of our little family. Our aim is to achieve an atmosphere of community and to get to know all of you. So pop in and have a little chat with one of our friendly staff members and lets see what we can do for you :).